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Cording Screening

Doctor Checking a Form

Cording Screening

Cording refers to the development of visible or palpable cord-like structures in the armpit area or along the inner arm. These cords may feel tight and restrict movement, causing discomfort or pain. Cording can affect the range of motion and functionality of the arm.

Cording screening involves a physical examination where the healthcare provider checks for the presence of cords in the affected area. The examination may involve visual inspection and palpation to assess the extent and severity of the cords. The provider may also evaluate the patient's range of motion and inquire about any associated symptoms.

If cording is identified during the screening, appropriate interventions and treatments can be recommended. These may include physical therapy exercises, manual lymphatic drainage, stretching techniques, or other modalities to alleviate symptoms and improve mobility.

It's important to note that cording screening and treatment are typically conducted by healthcare professionals experienced in managing lymphedema or working with individuals who have undergone lymph node surgery.

If you suspect you may be experiencing cording or have concerns about your symptoms, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare provider who can evaluate your specific situation and provide appropriate guidance and treatment options.

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